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The 'must have' app for ALL students preparing for Examinations at ALL levels!

Access and schedule ALL current examination dates for GCSE, iGCSE, GCE, VCE, GNVQ, Diploma, ELC, AEA, STEPS & NQ with ALL Examination Boards.

Create your personal exam timetable integrated with calendars and alerts.

Create an individual revision planner and access key revision tips.

A tool for parents to help support their child through the stressful examination periods.

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'Home' View

Your Exam PAL 'Home' page holds exam information that is essential and personal to you only.

Please fill in your:

  • Candidate/student name
  • School/college name
  • Student candidate number (SCN)(UK only)
    (Users outside of the UK may enter form or Year group here)
  • School centre No./college code

At this point you can have the option to sync your dates to iCal (Appleā€™s calendar). This will also sync with multiple devices if calendar syncing is switched on.

Share my Success

A unique opportunity to share your success within your contacts stored on your phone. This can alert parents or friends when you have exams scheduled for AM or PM. You can also choose from your contacts and send them a message. The screen will take you through to the familiar text set up. Press send to text message at your standard rate.

Please press SAVE to finish.

All your personal information can be seen here. You can even use this screen to identify your phone if you happen to hand it in whilst in an exam venue.

Use the scroll feature to view a list of the current exams you have coming up in chronological order. A daily countdown can be seen by each examination is displayed. The exam will display the:

  • Examination Board
  • Exam title
  • Exam Code
  • Duration
  • Date
  • Recognisable Subject Icon

From the blue scroll bar you can easily add an exam which will direct to the 'Search' view or Delete as needed.

You can also press the option arrow left or right to display current homework due in and your next timetabled lesson. These fields need to be completed before they are displayed.

A small pencil icon also displays whether the app has been altered manually for items such as personal 'mock/practice' exams not scheduled by the Exam Boards, or where an exam time has had to be changed due to an exam clash.

Clicking on the displayed exam will direct you to 'My Exams' detailed view.

The exam also displays the coloured icon you have chosen. This will appear as a chosen coloured square in the 'Calendar View'. At the top right you can access your Personal Exams Calendar. This will show all your exams in a familiar calendar format.

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Exam Pal is the perfect app for all:

Find dates for all your exams and create your own timetable.


Know at a glance, when and which exam your child is sitting.

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