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Access and schedule ALL current examination dates for GCSE, iGCSE, GCE, VCE, GNVQ, Diploma, ELC, AEA, STEPS & NQ with ALL Examination Boards.

Create your personal exam timetable integrated with calendars and alerts.

Create an individual revision planner and access key revision tips.

A tool for parents to help support their child through the stressful examination periods.

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'Calendar' View

The 'Calendar' view will store all the exams, events and homework you have scheduled.

  • Exams are shown using a 'Coloured Square' and required information is shown in the bottom panel.
  • Events are shown using a 'Coloured Circle' and required information is shown in the bottom panel.
  • Homework is shown using a 'Coloured Triangle' and required information is shown in the bottom panel.

Please press SAVE to finish.

You can schedule a new event, exam or homework by selecting 'Add Event'. You will be prompted to complete the information such as subject, time, and alerts. Allocate a colour according to the event.
Again, alerts can be set here and you can click through to the main information from the ‘Calendar View'.

Delete the event by using the - icon or by swiping the event and add an event from here by using the + icon.

'Timetable' View

Switch between 'Calendar' view and 'Timetable' view using the top left hand button or by swiping the calendar with two fingers.
Once prompted choose a 1 week or 2 week timetable and sync the dates underneath.
Once you enter the blank timetable you can add a 'Timetabled' session by clicking in the top right and completing the following details:

  • Event type: Timetabled Session
  • Colour: Allocate a colour for the subject (try and keep the colour the same for exams)
  • Session: Choose a subject or Edit your own
  • Abbreviation: Choose 3-4 letters to abbreviate the subject
  • Schedule: Choose the week and time it starts
  • Duration: Choose the length of lesson
  • Room: Enter the room details


Please note subjects entered multiple times will be picked up in the abbreviation and colour scheme.

Please press SAVE to finish.

The subject will be displayed in the timetable. Click on lesson to amend, swipe to delete.

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Exam Pal is the perfect app for all:

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Know at a glance, when and which exam your child is sitting.

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