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11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning

Non-verbal reasoning, just like verbal reasoning, is aimed at giving a more accurate picture of a child's potential. It also includes assessing a child's spatial awareness. Questions to assess non-verbal reasoning will include:

Not all of the local authority or grammar school assess children's non-verbal reasoning.

11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Example Question

There are many different types of verbal reasoning questions that will be asked in the 11+ test. Try our free sample verbal reasoning questions by clicking here. Some sample questions of 11+ verbal reasoning questions are below:

Example 1 - Figure Series

In the example below there are five squares arranged in order. One of these squares has been left empty. In the choices undernest, one of the five squares should take the place of the empty square. Select the letter of the square that would correctly fit in the empty square.

The answer is D

The shape in the middle is rotated by 45 degrees clockwise each time. The square in the upper left corner moves to the opposite corner clockwise.