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11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning

Non-verbal reasoning, just like verbal reasoning, is aimed at giving a more accurate picture of a child's potential. It also includes assessing a child's spatial awareness. Questions to assess non-verbal reasoning will include:

Not all of the local authority or grammar school assess children's non-verbal reasoning.

11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Example Question

There are many different types of verbal reasoning questions that will be asked in the 11+ test. Try our free sample verbal reasoning questions by clicking here. A sample question of a 11+ verbal reasoning questions is below:

11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Example Question - Missing Series

Look at the jug below which is filled with water. How 60 ml glasses can you fill using the water in the jug?

A: 6
B: 7
C: 8
D: 9
E: 10

The answer is B - 7

The jug contains 450 ml of water. 7 glasses would need 420 ml of water, leaving the jug with 30 ml after filling the glasses.