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11+ Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning as an area tested in not only the 11+, but also by many state schools. It is considered an effective way of testing a child's natural cognitive ability in English. While the English papers in the 11 Plus test the areas of learning that children learn in class, such as comprehension, spelling and grammar, Verbal Reasoning is assesses a child's ability to interpret and analyse areas of Literacy.

Verbal reasoning relies on strong vocabulary that goes beyond the primary curriculum and involves:

Example Questions

There are many different types of verbal reasoning questions that will be asked in the 11+ test. Try our free sample verbal reasoning questions by clicking here. A sample question of a 11+ verbal reasoning question is below:

11+ Verbal Reasoning Example Question - Making New Words

In this question, one letter can be moved from the first word to the second word to make two new words. The letters must not otherwise be rearranged and both new words must make sense.

Words: Snore & Sad

A: s
B: n
C: o
D: r
E: e

The answer is B - n

When 'n' is removed from the word snore, we get a new word sore and when added to the word sad we get a new word sand. The letters have not otherwise been rearranged and both new words make sense.